7 Top Tips – Choosing your Fleet

We at Jensen Fleet pride ourselves on the information we provide, and the assistance we give our customers when it comes time to pick there next Lease Vehicles. From a lease company point of view we want our customers to get the best vehicle for their specific needs, a happy driver goes a long way.

With this in mind we have created the 7 Top Tips to consider when choosing your next lease car, hopefully a good guide to anybody looking at changing their fleet in the second half of 2014.

Recommended Retail Price

The Recommended Retail price or the market value of the vehicle needs to be taken into account, as it is this figure that revenue will base the drivers BIK calculations on. BIK calculations also take into account the mileage your drivers travel as there is a sliding scale based on the annual mileage. From this end the retail price needs to be noted, as even with fantastic fleet discount that Jensen Fleet Solutions can provide the BIK is still an extremely important factor when decided on your next lease vehicles.


“As reliable as a Volkswagen”, an old saying but still a good one, and from our experience of running a fleet it still a very true one. Manufacturers are putting longer warranties behind their vehicles to give the customer a higher level of trust. Brands such as Renault are offering 5 years unlimited mileage warranty, 7 years from our friends in Hyundai and 8 years for Mitsubishi are worth strong consideration when choosing your next fleet.


It is always important to see the colour in the flesh as the brochure may be misleading and once delivered you could have the same vehicle for 3 to 5 years so choose wisely. Silver and Black are safe, and white is fast becoming the new black with a lot of new orders in 2013 – 2014. Not a consideration for everyone but we feel an important component to be taken into account before ordering any vehicle.


Manual or Automatic – Especially important if you do a lot of travelling for business as the road can be a lonely place. Stop / Start driving can be arduous and hard wearing on the clutch system, so you might consider an automatic. Unlike automatics of the past they are now an extremely smooth drive and also extremely fuel efficient.


While Ford, VW & Opel may be among the first choice for most in the company car segment, for those with a higher budget they may be inclined to choice a BMW or the ever popular Audi. At Jensen Fleet Solutions we find brands such brands as Kia with their cost efficiencies and extended warranty and Skoda for its style and performance with unrivalled fuel efficiencies becoming very popular over the past few years.

Test Drives

To get the best out of your test drives, make sure you have narrowed your choice down to about three before you set off on the road. Some areas to consider here are looks, fuel efficiency, reliability and of course safety


It’s always important to choose a vehicle suitable for the role you take on both privately and professionally. To get the most out of your company vehicles you should take into considerations comfort, performance, additional options that may come as standard, to help you get the best drive for your needs.

We hope the above will help you to make an informed decision when choosing your next lease vehicles.

For more information on the above, or to talk to our sales team about a new quote, you can contact Jensen Fleet Solutions on 01-4605250 or info@jensenfleet.ie