Benefits to a HR Manager of Leasing

These days the HR Manager is a multi-tasked individual with limited time on their hands. From dealing with recruitment, benefits in kind & employment law it leaves little or no time to deal with the administration of their employees on the road needs.

At Jensen Fleet we aim to take the hassle form the HR Manager by providing a full administration service with every leased vehicle. From start to finish Jensen Fleet will fully maintain each vehicle and administer all the related services. If a vehicle breaks down, Jensen Fleet are there to deal with the situation and make sure the drivers are back on the road with as little as possible down time.

With regards to the ideal vehicles for staff these days, a HR Manager will look at a wide variety of options and in our experience they will look for vehicles that tick the following boxes:

  • Safety – Euro N Cap Safety
  • Reliability – Length of Manufacture Warranty
  • Functionality – How the vehicle suits the individuals & aids them in there day to day work
  • Extras – Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Fuel Efficiency, Phone Kits
  • Practicality to their specific business needs

A HR Manager would also look at costs involved with running a fleet of lease vehicles, not just the Finance price but other such costs as Maintenance and Tax to give a full on the road cost to both the company and the employee.

If we can assist you in your decision when choosing the next vehicles for your employees please contact us on 01-4605250 or