Thinking of switching to electric? Check out the all new Nissan Leaf

Heading into 2019 we are hearing more and more about the switch to electric vehicles.  With some manufacturers such as Volvo moving away from traditional diesel engines to electric it looks like EV will become the future.

Launched in 2011, the Nissan Leaf is still the best selling EV vehicle in the world and with the new upgraded version now in dealerships we see no reason for this to change.  With the new upgraded body offering sharp lines, a dynamic front and floating roof the leaf is a beautiful car to set your eyes on.

The benefits of electric are sizable, the Government grants of up to €3,800 for business users, along with no BIK for the next 3 years guaranteed and low road tax of just €120 per annum it makes a case for business to switch to Electric.  There are also such added bonuses as reduced E-Tolls rates, reduced servicing costs.  Not to mention the lack of diesel and petrol to keep your monthly running cost down.  The Nissan leaf can be recharged using a simple 3 pin plug overnight and Nissan estimates a full charge this way will cost less than €3.  The environmental benefits are hard to miss also with zero congestion and zero pollution.

Since the benefits are far and wide, we took a the new Nissan Leaf on a test drive to see what the fuss was all about.  The first thing you will notice when you turn over the engine is the complete silence that faces you.  It takes a while to acclimatise to the sound, and Nissan have added a speaker in the front of the vehicle to warn oncoming pedestrians that you are here such is the low volume that comes from the vehicle.  It certainly is unique and entertaining to drive, with great visibility for a vehicle of its size, and this vehicles handles extremely well.  In the EV range it remains the most powerful and the fastest. Based on Nissan’s assumptions in moderate driving conditions the battery goes further with 270 km’s available from a full charge.

In terms of inside the vehicle you have seamless mobile integration with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it comes with an integration BOSE sound system that is neatly packed away in the boot.  In the Premium and SVE models you also have full heated seats front and rear.  The Nissan Leaf also comes with 360 camera and parking sensors giving you visibility which is hard to beat.

One of the added features of the Leaf is the Pro-pilot which includes cruise control with the option of the vehicle coming to a complete stop.  Pro-pilot park which uses intelligent mobility features to park the car itself, Lane Intervention which helps keep the car where you want it to be and lastly intelligent Auto headlights with full LED.

The final thing you will notice form driving the Nissan Leaf is the e-pedal, a new way of driving.  This allows you to drive with 1 pedal, press down you will get an instant rush and ease of to slow down. This new features adds a lot of fun to your drive.

If you are considering going electric in 2019 we would recommend the Nissan Leaf 100%.  To get a quote on this or any vehicle for the New Year contact Jensen Fleet on 01-4605250 or

Sporty and Elegant the new BMW X4

The new BMW X4 has an athletic exterior with a distinctive coupe shape. It has a sporty and elegant interior and features one of the most intelligent driver assistance systems.


The front of the BMW X4 features the brand’s trademark kidney grille and twin headlights. The side profile is marked out by a sweeping shoulder line, with clearly defined haunches and distinctive wheel arches while the lean coupe roofline is enhanced by a smoothly rising sill line. Further emphasising the sporting character of the vehicle are the slim rear window and the extremely low-slung roof spoiler.

The X4 comes with adaptive LED headlights as standard which include low-beam and anti-dazzle high-beam headlights and turn indicators with full LED technology. They also feature variable light control for excellent illumination of the road ahead and better visibility in the dark.


Inside the new BMW X4 you will find individually adjustable Sport seats for the driver and front passenger featuring numerous manual adjustment options including backrest width, fore-and-aft position and backrest and seat angle, giving you the ultimate comfort.

The panoramic glass roof provides fresh air when open, and when closed it floods the interior of the X4 with natural light. It opens and closes completely automatically at the push of a button, and is equipped with slide and lift functions, roller sunblind and wind deflector.

Sitting in the driver seat you will find the driver-orientated cockpit which offers a focused driving experience. The optional fully digital instrument cluster and the optional full-colour BMW Head-Up Display bring all the relevant information to the drivers’ field of vision – meaning there’s no need to take your eyes off the road. Information such as as the current speed, navigation directions, speed limit information and more are all displayed.


The new BMW X4 features Driving Assistant Plus which offers greater comfort and security during monotonous or complex driving situations including traffic jams, stop-and-go traffic or long journeys, along with navigating junctions and lane changes, making driving much easier.

Operating the Infotainment system in the X4 is so easy, you, the driver, can control it via the touchscreen, the iDrive Controler, voice or gesture control, whichever works best for you. And the optional built-in WiFi hotspot, which uses the LTE standard to allow for a paid internet connection, will keep you connected on the road.

Prices for the BMW X4 start from €67,100.

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Top Tips For Choosing Your Fleet

Looking to upgrade your company fleet? Here’s our top tips on how to choose the right fleet for you. Call our Leasing Department today on 01-4605250 or email to discuss your needs and let us help you pick the right vehicles for you.


What is WLTP?

Photo by Connor Lunsford on Unsplash

Have you heard of WLTP? The EU have developed a new test called the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test (WLTP) which is being rolled out on all new vehicles that come to the market. The WLTP will replace the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test procedure for establishing the official fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures for new vehicles.

WLTP aims to provide more realistic test conditions that reflect ‘real world’ driving and therefore give a more accurate basis for assessing a vehicles fuel consumption and emissions figures. This new testing will apply to all new vehicles registered from September 1st 2018. The new test will apply across the board to all manufacturers which may result in a shortage of some new vehicles or even a cut of some vehicle models. To counter this, manufacturers are holding good stock levels which means that now may be a great time to buy!

As WLTP is more accurate, the new test figures will most likely result in an increase in the declared fuel consumption and/or CO2 emissions figures that apply to your vehicle.

What does WLTP mean for you?

  • An increase in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures will result in an increase in the VRT which will likely result in an increase in the vehicle’s purchase price.
  • An increase in the vehicle’s purchase price will result in an increase in Benefit-in-Kind due to be paid by employees who have been provided with a company car.
  • Increased CO2 emissions figures will also result in an increase in the vehicle’s Annual Road Tax.
  • As the new testing will apply to all new vehicles registered from September 1st 2018, now may be a great time to buy before prices increase.

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Ballyboden Senior Hurling Partnership

We are delighted to announce our new sponsorship deal with Ballyboden St Enda’s senior Hurling team.  We are always looking for a chance to integrate ourselves in the local community and are delighted to be affiliated with such a fantastic club on and off the pitch.

Last week we were invited along to watch the guys play against the All-Ireland Champions Cuala in a match that we are happy to say went the way of Ballyboden with a 3 21 to 0 16 win.

Our Managing Director Leanne Nolan was invited into some photos along with Senior Hurlers Conor Dooley & Stephen O’Connor along with Chairman of the Hurling Section John Ryan, Chairman of Ballyboden St Enda’s Ciaran Maguire & Hurling Treasurer John Small.  A few photos of the occasion are below.

We are extremely excited with our new partnership and wish the boys all the luck in the coming season, hopefully we may have an All-Ireland Champion on our side.



Built for City Life – The New Volvo XC40

The new Volvo XC40 was recently awarded the prestigious title of European Car of the Year 2018. It’s not hard to see why it won the award, with it’s smart solutions that are designed with your everyday needs in mind, helping make your life easier.

From the bold front grille to the T-shaped signature lights, the XC40 is unmistakably a Volvo. Inside, the panoramic roof floods the whole interior with natural light, and when the sun is out you can open it up and enjoy the sunshine on your daily commute.

Smart Storage

Volvo knows that storage solutions are very important when it comes to choosing your vehicle and the new XC40 has plenty of smart storage for all your needs. The storage space in the door holds a laptop and there is a hook on the glove compartment to hold your bag or that take-away dinner, stopping it from spilling all over your car. In the boot of the car there is a folding floor that adapts to what you are carrying and is lockable, meaning that the contents will no longer roll all around the boot as you’re driving. And for larger items, you can fold the backrest for extra room with the touch of a button.


Agile handling and responsive mean you always feel in full control when driving the XC40. The new XC40 comes with the following driving features to making driving easier:

  • Advanced all-wheel drive, which senses which wheels have the best grip and automatically distribute power to those wheels and,
  • Automatic Parking with Park Assist Pilot which is a self-parking function that an steer the XC40 into a parallel or standard parking space. All you need to do is operate the accelerator and brakes as advised by the car.

Smart Technology

The Volvo XC40’s smart technology aim to make your life easier. The 360 degree camera uses images from several cameras to create a view of the car as seen from above, allowing you to clearly see where your car is in relation to other objects surrounding it. You can stay connected while on the road with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that your favourite apps are easily available on the centre touch screen and you can connect with Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Underneath the centre touch screen, there is a space for holding your smartphone while also allowing wireless charging, ensuring you’re always connected on the go!


The new Volvo XC40 has a number of safety features and functions that help you stay on the road and avoid accidents.

  • City Safety constantly monitors what’s ahead of you. It identifies other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals ahead, warning you if a collision is imminent. If you don’t react in time then it will brake automatically to help avoid or mitigate a collision.
  • Cross Traffic Alert warns you with an audible warning and by graphics on the centre display, if there is crossing traffic when you are reversing out of a car parking space.
  • Pilot Assist semi-autonomous with Adaptive Cruise Control means you get gentle steering support to help keep the car centred in its lane and at a set speed or distance from the car in front.

The Volvo XC40 is out now and prices start from €38,900.

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Our Favourite Cars from the Geneva Motor Show

The 88th Geneva International Motor Show kicked off last week and here are some of our favourites from the show.

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar have won the race among the premium carmakers to be the first to release an all-electric SUV. The i-Pace, Jaguar’s first all-electric car, spearheads a range of forthcoming electric Jaguar’s, the next being a new-generation XJ luxury saloon, due out next year. The 5 seat, medium-sized SUV is no match for the Tesla X in terms of size but what it lacks in size it makes up for in power. It delivers 395bph and can go from 0-100km in 4.8 seconds, and one full charge will provide a range of 480km. The i-Pace will be available in Ireland this summer with prices starting from €80,000-€85,000.

Lagonda Vision Concept

Aston Martin began using the Lagonda nameplate in the 1960s for a series of advanced, ultra-luxurious sporting sedans, and this new Vision Concept certainly fits in well. The new Lagonda concept underlines Aston Martin’s desire to revive its old nameplate by 2021 as an all-electric, boutique super-brand. The Lagonda Vision concept oozes modern luxury with silk, cashmere and ceramic tiling peppering the futuristic interior, ensuring you arrive in style!

Mercedes A-Class

The new Mercedes A-Class made its world debut last week at the Geneva Motor Show. The interior is very special, complete with the new MBUX infotainment system, and promises to be a small hatchback that will appeal to all ages. Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche said at the car’s reveal, “It’s a grown-up A-Class that fully embraces our vision of luxury. It looks and drives like a grown-up Mercedes. We have fundamentally improved the driving experience – and as a result of the torsional stiffness, comfort has grown too. It has the abilities of a car from a higher segment. It is at C-Class levels in these regards, and S-Class level in regards to driver assistance and safety systems.”

Volvo V60

Looking like a small V90, the new Volvo V60 exudes a cool, calm, Swedish of understated style and, as expected from a Volvo, pack as much safety and connectivity technology as you could possibly want. This estate is due out in the second half of this year.

Range Rover SV Coupe

This limited edition Range Rover is a two-door version of the current, full-size Range Rover and is being made to mark Land Rover’s 70th birthday. It’s a throwback to the original 1970 Range Rover, which only came with two doors. It sits lower than standard, new front-wing vents, and a super-luxurious interior with pale leather up front and dark blue leather in the back. Hand built by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division, this limited edition vehicle is the fastest Range Rover ever produced as well as being the most expensive! Which means we better start playing the lottery to have a hope of buying one.

Audi A6 Saloon

The new Audi A6 has had a very subtle style evolution from the outgoing model with the only noticeable difference being new lights and a lower, wider grille. Inside, you will find more cabin space complete with the high-tech new cabin layout from the A8, with two central digital touchscreens and a 12.3-inch digital instrument screen in front of the driver. Audi are promising that this will be the best-to-drive A6 yet, with four-wheel steering and, on the quattro models, torque vectoring to distribute the power to the wheel best able to handle it. The basic German price of the diesel model will be €58,000 when it goes on sale in June and Irish sales will follow quickly after.


At Jensen Fleet Solutions we believe what makes a great Fleet company is the personalised service, that we will be there every step of the way to manage the contract, build the relationship and retain our customers. We are extremely proud of the service we provide and the fact that over the past 5 years we have seen a retention rate of 95% speaks volumes as to how we treat our customers.

Our commitment is to provide the best Fleet Management solution for our client’s needs, to help influence our customers to make the right choice.

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Dynamic & Agile – The New Jaquar E-Pace

The new Jaguar E-PACE is a dynamic and agile compact SUV with the lines of a coupe with a modern interior that is distinctly Jaguar. When you get behind the wheel you will discover the excitement of driving the E-PACE. It offers a unique between agility and ride comfort, with a fully independent suspension system which has a sophisticated multi-link rear suspension design.


When you first see the new E-PACE, you will notice its unmistakably sporty look, with bold honeycomb mesh grille framed by LED headlights with the signature ‘J’ blade. At the rear, the full LED tail lights provide a distinctive night time signature. The E-PACE’s muscular haunches give an assertive stance, and the wide tailgate has been designed to allow easy access to the large and versatile loadspace.


As you would expect from a Jaguar, every component you can see and touch has been meticulously designed to deliver a refined, tactile experience. In the driver seat you will find the cockpit wraps around you while the 3-spoke leather steering wheel incorporates key controls for ease of use. And why not opt for the optional fixed panoramic glass roof to flood the E-PACE’s interior with light and enhance the airy, spacious feeling inside the vehicle.

The E-PACE has fantastic interior stowage. The deep centre console with removable cupholders, provides a highly flexible space. The large glovebox is great for all those essentials you want to keep close at hand and both deep front door bins have been sculpted to carry a range of items.


  • Touch Pro: The Touch Pro is the standard 10″ touchscreen sits at the heart of the centre console and support swipe and pinch gestures and delivers Jaguar’s richest ever audio-visual entertainment.
  • Interactive Driver Display: The optional 12.3″ high-definition Interactive Driver Display can receive and project a vast amount of driver information, entertainment and active safety data including navigation, phone and navigational directions on the windscreen.
  • Head-up Display: The Head-up Display is an option that presents key vehicle data such as your speed, gear position and navigational directions on the windscreen.
  • Connectivity: InControl is Jaguar’s suite of standard and optional features that connect you to your vehicle and links you seemlessly and securely with the outside world. Standard features include; Pinpoint Touch Control, Personalised Homepage, Interactive Side Panel, Multimedia, Enhanced Phone Interface and Voice Recognition System.

Driver Assistance

Standard Driver Assistance features include:

  • Emergency Braking,
  • Lane Keep Assist,
  • Driver Condition Monitor,
  • Cruise Control & Speed Limiter,
  • Front & Rear Parking Aids, and
  • Rear Camera.

Optional Driver Assistance features include:

  • Blind Spot Assist,
  • High-speed Emergency Braking,
  • Park Assist,
  • 360 degree Surround Camera,
  • & many more.

The new Jaguar E-PACE is available now and starts from €36,000.

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Calculating Benefit in Kind for Company Cars

At Jensen Fleet we understand that your company cars and your drivers are essential to the successful running of your company. One of the major things to understand in relation to the lease of company cars is the Benefit in Kind implications for your staff.

In relation to company cars, there are two ways of calculating the Benefit in Kind due from each employee.

The extent of the relief depends on the total number of kilometres of business travel for the year, and (if the car was first provided in 2009) the CO2 emissions of the car.

The assessable annual cash benefit for the use of a company car is calculated at 30% of the original market value of the car. This percentage is reduced for high business mileage as follows:

Business Mileage from 2009 and all subsequent periods:

  • 0 – 24,000 Km – 30%
  • 24,001 – 32,000 – 24%
  • 32,001 – 40,000 – 18%
  • 40,001 – 48,000 – 12%
  • 48,001 + – 6%


Commercial Vehicles

All commercial vehicles are exempt from benefit in kind where the below rules are followed:

  • The vehicle is used for the purpose of the employees work
  • The employer requires the commercial vehicle to be brought home
  • The employee spends most of his/her time working away from the office

Where any of the above conditions are not met a 5% Benefit in Kind should be applied.

For more information visit the

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