Electric Options for Leasing in 2024

As another year rolls around the options in the electric vehicle market continue to grow and grow. We have seen how the Tesla Model 3 and VW ID4 have impacted the market in such positive ways and really helped the switch to electric motor on.

This year we see a new competitor with BYD accelerating into Irish soil for the first time. BYD have just become the biggest electric car company in the world, and we are curious to see how the get on in Ireland. We will also look at the newest releases from Cupra & Kia below.

BYD Seal

It is hard to say anything other than the Seal is BYD direct attempt to push the Tesla Model 3 from its perch. The exterior has a remarkably similar look to that of the Model 3. Where they differ is in the battery set up. BYD were primarily a battery company and have taken this expertise and built their vehicles around the LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. This battery contains fewer rare earth materials. BYD unlike most competitors designs and implements its own blade batteries to their vehicles. They also give upwards of an 8-year warranty on these batteries.

The exterior boasts double u-floating LED headlights along with “ripple” daytime running lights themed on the ocean waves, these coupled with the coupe like silhouette make the Seal a very aesthetically pleasing vehicle. The interior has a very luxurious feel with vegan leather throughout and the ocean blue cabin makes an interesting alternative to Thaumas black. The seal comes complete with a large panoramic sunroof and a 15.6 rotatable touchscreen console.

The Seal offers four drive modes, from ECO, Normal, Sport and Snow mode. The BYD seal is available in a RWD allowing capacity for 570Km’s or AWD (four-wheel drive) hitting 520Km’s. At Jensen Fleet we will be interested to see how the BYD sells in Ireland in 2024 & can it come into the market and gain a significant share. We believe the BYD will range in price from €46,000 – €55,000.

Cupra Tavascan
We are huge fans of the Cupra Born here at Jensen Fleet, so we are excited to see the newest release from the Cupra stable, the Tavascan. Cupra seems to have the best-looking mid-range EV in the VW group range and the Tavascan is going to follow along these lines. At the front, the pointy headlights have similar design to the Born, with LED headlights and funky daytime running lights which give the vehicle a sporty design. The Tavascan will be a coupe SUV like the VW ID5. It has the flush door fittings & sleek exterior lines that are designed for performance and efficiency.

The interior of the Tavascan has been designed to meet the drivers needs, it features 3D leather seats, 15” touchscreen with a new designed human friendly interface. The Tavascan will come with contrasting colours diffused by LED ambient lighting providing the occupants a calm space within the powerful machine. Additional features include Dynamic Chassis Control Sport technology, sports suspension, and progressive steering.

The CUPRA Tavascan EV is available in one EV battery size: 82 kWh (77 kWh net). The lithium-ion EV battery has a claimed range up 547 km (WLTP) & will come with an RWD & 4WD option with the ability to DC charge 0 to 100km in 7 minutes.

The CUPRA Tavascan EV is packed with technology to include a suite of advanced assisted driving systems: predictive adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed adaptation, side assist, lane assist, exit warning & fatigue detection.

We are looking forward to this one and hope to have them available for lease towards the end of the year. In the meantime, the Cupra Born is in stock and available for lease.

Kia EV9

From the Kia brand they are bringing us the EV9 a 6 & 7 seat EV, coming in an Earth & GT Line spec. This may be Kia’s most expensive vehicle ever but its looking like it could make a bang on the Irish market. This three-row vehicle is the first true Jumbo EV to hit the market.

For the exterior it boasts Cude LED headlights, Z shaped daytime running lights along with flush door handles, unique two-tone alloy wheels, twin panoramic sunroofs & eye-catching wheel covers this EV9 is sure to make a statement at every turn.

The interior of the Six seat EV9 comes with swivel seats in the second row, so you can switch around to interact and relax on your journey. The three rows of seats do not seem to impact the boot space too much with 333 litre space in the rear. The EV9 also comes with a triple panorama display to include a 12”3 touch interface.

With a high voltage 99.8 kWH battery pack the EV9 can hit 249Km charge in just 15 minutes with a maximum distance of 563Km from a single charge. We have seen in the past how Kia has committed to a sustainable future by using recycled materials across their ranges and the EV9 is no different. From reused plastic bottles for the trim, to fish nets for the carpets right through to tactile vegan leather on the seats.

The EV9 comes with upgraded Lane assist, blind & forward collision avoidance assist along with smart parking assist to really up the standard in safety.

The EV9 comes in two specs, the Earth model starts from €77,500 and the GT model which goes up to €85,500. Kia also boast the extremely popular EV6, which is proving to be a great lease vehicle for Jensen Fleet.

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