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To qualify for leasing you need to be a limited company, trading for over 2 years.

You will need to provide last 12 months audited accounts, and 6 months bank statements.

The price is based on the vehicle you purchase less our fleet discount.  We base the prices on the term and mileage the vehicle will do.

Unfortunately at the moment personal leasing is not something offered by Jensen Fleet.

A vehicle can be leased over a term from 24 to 60 months.  The most common terms we find our either 36 or 48 months.  Most companies decided term based on mileage.  If you are doing high mileage we recommend that you stick to the 36 months.  For lower mileage customers the 48 months works out extremely well.

Yes you can choose any vehicle you like and we can get a quote over to you

At the end of the term you simply drop the vehicle back to Jensen Fleet and you can decide to take out a new lease or to walk away.

Included in the maintenance contract is routine servicing to include tyres, replacement car hire.  It also includes road tax & year DOE / NCT tests.

We have an extensive list of suppliers based throughout Ireland.   Jensen Fleet will ensure that the most convenient supplier is used when organising the vehicles service

On commercials all VAT is reclaimable.  On passenger vehicles 60% of the vehicles usage is for business you can claim 20% of the VAT back.

BIK is calculated based on the Original Market value of the vehicle, the Co2 emissions & the mileage per annum.  New rules came into play in January 2023 in relation to BIK and a you can find a full blog here https://www.jensenfleet.ie/calculating-bik-for-company-cars/

Once the new vehicle paperwork is signed and sealed Jensen Fleet can arrange fuel cards for all your drivers.  Jensen Fleet will fully administrate the fuel cards & the customer just receives one monthly bill.

The driver and the company are responsible for the roadworthiness of the vehicles.  Any accidents should be report to Jensen Fleet and we can arrange an approved repairer to view the vehicle.  For More information you can look at our fair wear and tear guide http://www.jensenfleet.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/jensen-fair-wear-and-tear-guide.pdf

Leasing is better than purchase because of the following:

  • Leasing offers your company access to any car or van with minimum payment upfront.
  • Leasing offers no risk of depreciation of resale cost – simply return the car at the end of the term.
  • The most cost-effective way for Irish businesses to fund and run their fleet.
  • Off balance sheet funding through leasing can improve your companies gearing ratio.
  • Less administration issues in terms of supplying, servicing & disposing of your vehicles.
  • Fixed regular cost.