Honda Civic 1.6 ES – Hire Car

Jensen Fleet are constantly upgrading their fleet for the short and long term rental market in order to stay on top of the demands within this sector. Whether it’s for daily, weekly or monthly hire, our vehicles need to be versatile, spacious and practical. We have found that all of the above are met by the Honda Civic 1.6 ES model. Here’s Jensen Fleet Solutions expert opinion on this new addition to the Civic family.

The Honda Civic ES 1.6

The Honda Civic is no normal Japanese hatchback; the styling, for example, is a fresh twist on the usual hatchbacks on the market which makes it stand out from the crowd. The interior is a joy to behold, with comfortable seats and ample leg room to the front and rear along with the magic back seats that can be flipped flat or vertical to make room for any awkward or large purchases, making them easily transportable. With the latest build Honda has moved away from it usual devotion to all-round double wishbone suspension in favour of a more affordable struts-up-front-torsion bar down the back set up. This has allowed the vehicle to be as good as it can be. The car always feels planted onto the ground, there is little or no jiggle room when driving over uneven surfaces.

The 1.6 engine is one of the lightest in its class, Honda has managed to squeeze 120 HP & 300 N Torque to put it well ahead of other vehicles in its class. This car gives you with an all-round sophisticated and slightly sporty feel when driving.

In terms of fuel consumption Honda have averaged the cost at 3.8 litres to 100Km. The Co2 emissions are at the lower rate of 94Km, again the lowest in its class. The features in the new Honda Civic include; Bluetooth, reversing cameras, 16 Inch alloys, dual-zone climate control, cruise-control, LED Daytime running lights and much more.

This Civic variant promises a clever blend of refinement and driving ability that should please both conservative and keen drivers. Boosting the car’s appeal is the 120 horsepower, 1.6-litre diesel engine – a long awaited development. Aside from the tax and wallet-friendly emissions and fuel economy, the engine’s low weight is noticeable during turn-in, improving the car’s agility. It’s also a quieter unit than the older 2.2 engine, and as with other Civics, the car’s manual gearshift is precise and the brakes powerful but easy to modulate.

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