Leasing a Fleet in Ireland – What’s Involved

Leasing a car in Ireland is made up of a few questions, a few decisions and only a couple of steps before your drivers can take their seat behind the wheel.

The first step is for Jensen Fleet to discuss the make / model of the vehicle(s) you require, the specification or extras you would like on the fleet. We would also need to know annual mileage and how long you wish to lease the vehicle(s) over, the usual term is 3-4 years.

From here we will provide you with a full quote of the monthly repayments on the vehicle & advise on lead in times. If the customer agrees to the rates and is happy to do the business with Jensen Fleet a proposal is put into the relevant finance house.

The majority of banks in Ireland have the following standard information that they request:

  • 6 Months Bank Statements
  • Last available Audited Accounts
  • Tax Clearance Cert for smaller business
  • Once all information is given to the bank a decision on finance is usually available between 24 and 48 hours. When approval is given to Jensen Fleet we then go ahead and order the vehicle. The lead in times of the vehicle(s) can vary depending on what is in the country at any one time, or the specification that is required on the vehicle(s).

When the vehicle is received, Jensen Fleet will then arrange for the vehicle to be handed out to the customer. At this point there is usually 3 payments due upfront to act as security for the relevant finance house. The customer will then enjoy the full use of the vehicle for the contract length. When the contract comes to the end the customer simply hands back the vehicle.

The cost of leasing a car or van will depend on the particular car or van you want to lease and the term you would like to lease the vehicle(s) over. We would also take into consideration the annual mileage.

The main advantages with Leasing over buying a car, our as follows:

  • Leasing cars offers you access to any car or van with minimum upfront payments
  • No risk in relation to depreciation of assets – at the end of the lease simple hand the car back
  • Cost effective way for a business in Ireland to fund and run their companies fleet
  • Fixed cost budgeting and improved cash flow
  • Off Balance sheet funding through contract hire can improve your companies gearing ratio
  • Removes administration of supplying, servicing and disposing of your vehicles

For a quote today, contact our Sales Advisors on 01-4605250 or info@jensenfleet.ie