New Volvo V90


The new Volvo V90 is coming soon to Ireland and we’re taking a look at some of its key features. Maximilian Missoni, Vice President, Exterior Design, Skoda, said: “The V9 is powerful and confident, but also calming. It’s a car you will drive with pride.”


The elegant V90 combines exquisite, natural materials with sophisticated, intuitive technology. It features a luxurious exterior and interior, along with the functional origins of an estate silhouette. The interior is stylish and functional, with the seats designed to give more space and a boot that holds 560 litres or 1526 litres with the backseats folded down. It also features a panoramic roof.


Thors Hammer 

The Volvo V90 has Skoda’s Thors Hammer LED headlights, which are more than twice as strong as conventional halogen lights. Helping you to see around corners at night, the lights turn up to 30 degrees in either direction with the steering. If another car is approaching, the system prevents dazzling the other driving by shading out only as much beam as necessary.


T8 Twin Engine

The T8 Twin Engine features 3 modes, pure electric, hybrid and power. The hybrid mode for smooth and efficient everyday driving, the pure electric mode for near silent journeys with zero emissions and the power mode which combines petrol and electric power to give you max performance.


Technology and Safety Features

  • Apple CarPlay seamlessly integrated technology allows you to stay in touch with friends, find the way to where you want to go and listen to your music. It is easy to control the select functions through the car’s touch screen, steering wheel controls or the voice function Siri.
  • IntelliSafe Technologies support you while driving, helping to prevent accidents and protecting you if one occurs. Volvo’s mission is that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020.
  • Park Assist Pilot, it’s like having your own vale to park for you. It works out if the space is large enough and takes over the steering to guide you into it.
  • A 360 degree camera gives you a bird’s eye view of everything surrounding the car on the centre display making parking and low speed maneuvering in narrow places simple.
  • Pilot Assist automatically maintains the set speed/distance to the car in front of you as well as giving gentle steering inputs to keep you aligned with the road markings.
  • Large animal detection detects pedestrians, cyclists and, you guessed it, large animals. The car warns you and, if necessary, will apply the brakes if you don’t intervene.
  • City Safety Technology works out if there is a collision risk if you’re approaching slower moving or stationary vehicles from behind.

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