Opel Insignia New Releases 2014

For the leasing market new upgraded vehicles are been released all the time by the manufacturers onto the market for 2014. So far this year we have seen the release of the Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTI. Below Jensen Fleet Solutions gives our expert opinion on the new release.

The Opel Insignia 2.0 CTDI


The new Opel Insignia is available as a 4-door saloon, 5-door hatchback, or Sports Tourer, and in five model versions: S, SC, SE, Elite and SRi Limited Edition

We start at the engine of the car and the engineers have been busy introducing one new diesel and two new petrol engines. The best of which is the new 2.0 litre Diesel Engine with 140Hp which turns the Opel Insignia into one of the most efficient engines on the Leasing market.

Inside the vehicle there has been a major overhaul with the centre console changing completely. The new sleeker console has reduced the number of buttons & a new touchscreen system makes it a more user friendly vehicle. The system allows you to control the sat nav, radio, media and voice control including others.

The handling of the Insignia has also improved dramatically it corners well and has a good umhp to the steering and generally feels very good to drive. Jensen Fleet staff test drove these new Opel Insignia on two exclusive tracks in Austria and confirmed that the vehicle has an incredibly high level or performance and specification as standard.

For as little as €450 per month your company could lease one of the new ranges of Opel Insignia.

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