Tesla 3 Model – The Test Drive

You have heard the rumours and now you will see them for yourself, as the next 4-8 weeks will see an influx of the new Tesla Model 3 to Irish shores.  We had a chance to catch up with Tesla and drive the newest family member, the Model 3.


From first sight you see that this model resembles the “S” model in style and shape.  The styling of this car leaves nothing to chance, from the door handles to the lights the vehicle is futuristic in appearance.

Such features as the built-in cameras and charging points becoming part of the vehicles styling & add to sleekness of the vehicle.  Large storage areas in front and the rear came as a real surprise, as too did the room we had in the back.  The “all glass” roof is a great addition to add space and design to the internal car.


The inside of this vehicle is sleek with nothing more than a 15” screen to draw your eye.  The vehicles come in all leather seating and you have the choice of colours (White or Black!).  The 15” screen includes feathers such as lane assist, control of driving styles, media connection along with some apps as Netflix’s, You Tube, Spotify and a new additional in-car Karaoke where you can sing along to your favourite tunes while you drive. We didn’t try this, as we didn’t want to upset our passengers.


This vehicle comes in three ranges, the Standard Range, Long Range and Performance.  We drove the standard range, which comes with a range of 350-400Km per charge, has a top speed of 225Km/h, and can do 0 to 100 in 5.6 seconds.

To drive the Tesla 3 is a charm. It’s smooth, comfortable and has one hell of a kick once the accelerator is engaged.  This vehicle also comes with E-Pedal option to pull back and slow the vehicle down once the foot is lifted off accelerate.  The brake pedal itself is virtually null and void.

Other safety features include Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning and Side Collision Warning.

The vehicles come with full Autopilot technology to steer, accelerate and brake automatically and new features on the way will allow you to summon your vehicle from its parking space to pick you up.  Automation is 100% on the way with Tesla.

Service & Pricing

In terms of servicing on the Tesla 3 model, it will require a health check every 2 years, whereby brake pads are said to last up to 120-140Km.  The battery life is estimated at 20-25 years with Tesla offering a warranty up to 8 years.

All in all, extremely low running charges with great performance.

On the Leasing front, larger volume Leasing Companies have already met their quota of Electric vehicles for the foreseeable future, so it leaves it to us here in Jensen Fleet to order for you.

Prices start from €48,900 for the entry-level model and from €60,700 for the Performance.  For a quote contact our sales team on 01-4605250 or info@jensenfleet.ie