The All New Audi A6

2019 brings us the highly anticipated release of the new Audi A6.  An upgrade on the previous model this new model gives the A8 a run for its money.  Available to order now, the new A6 comes with the same luxury and technology as the A8 at a portion of the price.  The design remains typically Audi with the large front Grille, the sharp creases along the sides and pronounced arches on the back through to its full HD LED matrix lights.

Inside the vehicle the technology is second to none.  The Air suspension gives you five driving options with the additional option of going higher or lower on each one.  The technology pack gives you a fantastic 360 camera with the added 3D image function, so you don’t miss any angle.  This vehicle comes with rear wheel steering whereby the back wheels move the opposite way to the front when driving at low speeds, think roundabouts.  The interior feels and looks lovely, attention to detail has been approved at every step of the way.  In the back there is more head, knee and shoulder room that’s its predecessor.

The technology pack comes with extras such as the large 10 Inch screen, virtual cockpit, wireless charging, night vision and voice commands.  Added tech options such as driver assist help steer the vehicle to keep you in lane.  This vehicle also comes with adaptive cruise control.

The efficiency of the new Audi A6 comes from it being a mild hybrid whereby the car starter / generator when braking or slowing down stores energy and sends it back to the lithium battery which helps to power the entertainment unit.

The drive of this vehicle is extremely comfortable and luxurious as well as being very quiet on the road.  The most popular model seems to be the 2 Litre diesel with comes with an incredible 200 horse power.  Its extremely snappy when using pedals in manual drive.

Overall this vehicle has a coupe like silhouette that’s a less expensive version of the Audi A8.

Audi describes this car as “distinctive, unmistakable” and we tend to agree.

We are now quoting for the new Audi A6 with vehicles ready to hit the road from January, contact us on 01-4605250 or for more information.