The Electrifying New Audi e-tron


The new Audi e-tron has everything you would expect from an Audi, including aerodynamic design, superior technology and an elegant and luxurious interior, but it’s powered entirely by electricity. Set to rival the Tesla Model X and the Jaguar I-Pace, the e-tron is a conventional looking SUV (similar in size to the Q7) that seats five and has a large 605-litre boot. It comes with 20″ wheels as standard, LED headlights and charging points on both side.


As you would expect from an Audi, the e-tron has high quality interiors and all passengers are sure to be comfortable with plenty of headroom in the rear seats. There is a technological feel to the interior, with plenty of great extras (all at an extra cost). The dashboard as a 10-inch touchscreen with a second 8.3-inch screen underneath. The screens feature OLED technology, and the Audi virtual cockpit comes with a new curved OLED screen. Passengers in the rear don’t miss out, they can use the displays in the centre console allowing them to adjust the climate control and infotainment system. Other key technology features include, a 360 degree camera, keyless entry, adaptive cruise control and other driver assistance systems.


One of the options for the e-tron is a world-first, side cameras instead of wing mirrors. These virtual wing mirrors use a small camera to process the image digitally and show it on the high-contrast OLED display on the inside of both front doors. The driver can easily adjust the display using the touchscreen function, just like using a smartphone. Wing mirrors may not need to be upgraded to cameras but it is a cool feature.


Like most electric vehicles, the e-ton is a quiet and smooth drive and comes with different driving modes from Off-Road to Efficient to Dynamic. It has an electric motor at the front and one at the rear which jointly produce 300kw of power, propelling the e-tron from 0-100km/hr in less than 6 seconds.


The e-tron has a range of up to 391km and can be charged at home using a domestic socket or specially fitted wall box, or at a high-powered charging station. These 150kw charging stations can charge the battery to 80% in 30 minutes and 100% in just 50 minutes. Audi is working on expanding the charging infrastructure in Ireland through a joint venture called IONITY. This will see six charging stations built on main routes, with each station having six 150kw charging points.

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