The Importance of Servicing

Servicing your vehicle is one of the most important things you can do.  Following manufacturer’s schedules and getting a full health check every year is essential to keeping costs down during the life time of any vehicle.   Even if you like me are doing less than 12,000 Km per annum you should still get the car into a garage at least once a year for an oil change and a full look over.

Jensen Fleet Servicing

Car servicing can involve up to 50 or more component and system checks and adjustments. And despite complaints about the cost from some car owners, it’s worth the money. Maintaining the engine in peak economy, performance and emissions condition requires electronic monitoring and fine adjustment according to the diagnostic computer read out.

As part of Jensen Fleet servicing program we will check the exterior of the vehicle, under the bonnet at all filters, brake pads & discs.  We would also check such items as wheel bearings, suspension joints and bushings.  We would give a full top of fluids and check tyres to make sure they are above the legal limits and that they are not unevenly wearing.

A correctly serviced and tuned engine will have a longer, more economical service life than one that is run into the ground with minimal or inappropriate attention. It can also pre-warn or potentially major problems with the engine and transmission.

And the best thing apart from having a fully functional, safe car is that with a complete service history, the car will be worth more when you sell it.

If you are looking to service you vehicle, why not look to Jensen Fleet Solutions and a fantastic service and health check.  For more information please contact reception on 01-46025250 or click here to send us your details and one of our team will respond straight back to you.  Servicing starts from €49 at the moment with this great special offer we have running on Groupon.