Top Car Manufacturers 2015

As we head towards the end of quarter three of 2015 we here at Jensen Fleet have decided to look back over the year to date to see what manufacturers are holding firm & to see are any of the outsiders making up any ground on the competition.

Car Brands

Within the car market there is no surprise to see the Volkswagen range still holding firm with the highest market share out there. With 2 vehicles in the top ten we see no reason why the VW brand is going to slow down. The VW Golf leads the way with near 5000 units sold year to date, nearly double that of the next VW on the list the Passat. This gives VW a 12% market share year to date. Its next competitor nearly 2000 units behind with a 10.6% market share is the Toyota. The Toyota flagship vehicle the Corolla selling upwards of 3000 units and not far behind it the smaller Yaris with 2500 units, you can see that the Toyota drivers are still out there and helping this brand hold firm.

There is no real surprises in the top 10 for 2015 with Hyundai pushing its way up to come into joint 3rd place with the Ford range, followed by Nissan in 4th, then we have the Skoda, Opel, Renault, Kia, Audi & BMW. The Hyundai range continues to turn heads, with the IX35 growing year on year and up to the 5th highest vehicle sold this year. The makeup of the reaming 10 places goes like this:

1. VW Golf 4.4%
2. Ford Focus 3.6%
3. Nissan Qashqai 3.4%
4. Skoda Octavia 3.1%
5. Hyundai IX35 2.9%
6. Toyota Corolla 2.9%
7. Ford Fiesta 2.9%
8. VW Passat 2.5%
9. Toyota Yaris 2.3%
10. Kia Sportage 2.2%

As we can see form this list the top three manufactures continue to be VW, Toyota & Ford. With each having 2 in the top ten their brands show no signs of slowing down and their reliability continues to have people keen to purchase.  At Jensen Fleet we have seen an increase over the past 24 months with our lease department for the likes of Skoda’s and Renaults. Maybe in the next years we may see these take the mantle of the leaders.

An interesting stat to take a closer look at is the competition between the Audi in 9th & the BMW in 10th. These two elite manufactures have been going toe to toe from many a year now. In 2015 the Audi is leading the way with 3.98% of the market share in comparison to the BMW with 3.47%.  Within the leasing industry we can see the Audi pulling away with some 20% of Jensen Fleets new units going out in 2015 been a selection of the A4, A5 & A6’s.

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