Tyre Safety


A new study by the Road Safety Authority, Pre-Crash Report on Vehicle Factors in Fatal Collisionshas found that defective tyres were a significant factor in a number of fatal collisions on Irish Roads. An analysis of forensic collision investigations conducted by the gardai between 2008-2012, found that tyres were a major contributory factor in 8% of fatal crashes, 111 people lost their lives and a further 30 were seriously injured.

In a statement, the Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe said the report “highlights just how important it is that every aspect of a vehicle, whether a car, truck van or motorcycle, is in proper, roadworthy condition.

“None of us can predict what will happen when we use the roads – we may encounter other drivers behaving poorly, or weather conditions could be particularly bad.

“But we can take personal responsibility for ensuring our vehicle is properly maintained so that we can rely on our tyres responding to the conditions as they should or our brakes working when they need to.”

We’ve put together a brief guide tyre safety and the warning signs to look out for. It is recommended that you get your tyres checked at least once a month to ensure they are in full working condition. For more information on tyre safety please visit the Road Safety Authority Website (www.rsa.ie).

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